About us

Who we are

Advans SA SICAR is a Venture Capital Investment Company created in August 2005 by Advans International (formerly Horus Development Finance ), together with several development finance institutions. Advans SA is incorporated in Luxembourg as an investment company in risk capital (SICAR) and supervised by the Commission de Supervision du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxembourg's financial supervision authority. Advans SA’s share capital amounts to EUR 66.9 million.

What we do

  • Advans invests as lead shareholder for the institutions it creates along with like-minded co-shareholders
  • Advans provides its affiliates with financial resources such as loans and guarantees to enable them to face short or medium term financial needs
  • Advans participates in the governance of its MFIs as lead shareholder
  • Advans provides guidance, resources and expertise to the Advans affiliates through Advans International