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Read below how financial services provided by Advans affiliates have helped our clients expand their businesses.

Ms Kadija Alhassan, Client, Advans Ghana

I would recommend Advans Ghana to others because of the transparent interest rates and flexible terms of payment

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Ms Alhassan runs a business in the wholesale and retail of assorted drinks and confectionery. She took out her first loan with Advans Ghana in October 2013 and currently has both deposit and loan products with the MFI.

Prior to banking with Advans Ghana, Ms Alhassan already owned two shops but did not have a wide enough variety of stock to meet the demand of her clients. With a loan from Advans Ghana she has been able to increase her range of stock and expand her client base. Ms Alhassan’s sales have increased rapidly, her business has expanded, and she now has six employees.

Ms Alhassan says that she would choose Advans Ghana over other MFIs because of the financial advice she receives from the institution. The guidance given to her by the MFI has helped her with the registration of her business and she now knows how to keep adequate records of business transactions.

Guy Bwanza Ikuripu, Client, Advans Banque Congo   

I would recommend Advans to other microentrepreneurs because they offer easy and flexible access to credit

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Mr Bwanza Ikuripu is the owner of the establishment Light Telecom which, thanks to the help of Advans operates several businesses in Kinshasa and in other provinces. He first came in contact with Advans in November 2011, when he took out a loan for USD 16,500 (ca. EUR 12,000) in order to expand his business activities.

Initially the owner of a small grocery and telecommunications shop selling phone credit, Mr Bwanza Ikuripu has used his Advans loans to establish several other businesses. He took out several other loans with Advans and currently has an outstanding loan for USD 180,000 (ca. EUR 131,000). He now owns a mini-supermarket, a travel agency and a money transfer agency, the latter to enable people to transfer funds in provincial regions such as the Bandundu region. He is one of the principal players in electronic money transfers, and is responsible for transferring civil servants’ salaries in provincial regions through M-Pesa.

Mr Bwanza Ikuripu also holds a deposit account and uses many of Advans Banque Congo’s financial services.

Affo Monique Aka, Client, Advans Côte d'Ivoire

At Advans the service is very friendly, staff are warm and welcoming and withdrawing money is quicker and easier than at traditional banks

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Mrs Aka owns eight shoe boutiques and employs around 30 people. Her first contact with Advans Côte d'Ivoire began in August 2012 when she took out a loan for FCFA 10 million (ca. EUR 15,240). This first credit enabled Mrs Aka to increase the volume of her merchandise, to ensure that items were always in stock, and to maximise her sales capacity.

Following her first successful loan experience, Mrs Aka decided to take out a second loan of FCFA 42 million (ca. EUR 64,000) in October 2013. Thanks to this second loan from Advans, she was able to purchase two minivans and a car to carry out deliveries.

Mrs Aka also holds a savings account and a current account with Advans. She really appreciates the service at Advans Cote d'Ivoire.

Mr Khaliluddin, Client, Advans Pakistan

I believe that my relationship with Advans Pakistan is based on mutual understanding and trust

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Mr Khaliluddin, currently in his second loan cycle, owns a fabric shop with two employees and is considered to be one of Advans Pakistan's most loyal clients. His banking relationship with Advans Pakistan began in April 2013, and the financial services provided to him have greatly improved his business activities since.

Mr Khaliluddun first took out a micro loan of Rs 100,000 (ca. EUR 730) to allow him to increase his stock. After his first successful loan experience, which enabled him to obtain more supplies and boost sales, therefore increasing his income, Mr Khaliluddun decided to take out a second loan. Mr Khaliluddin is hopeful that, thanks to the extra stock bought with his second loan, he will be able to maximize his sales and further expand his activities, especially during the run up to Eid. Mr Khaliluddin would recommend Advans Pakistan because he especially appreciates the friendly customer service. Mr Khaliluddin finds the staff at Advans Pakistan highly motivated, well trained and supportive which, for him, makes a great difference.

Mrs Sotola, Client, La Fayette MFB (Advans Nigeria)

Now, with the support of Advans, things are much easier. Being able to borrow a larger sum has really boosted my business

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Mrs Sotola owns a boutique with one employee which specializes in the sale of men’s accessories such as fragrances, wrist watches and jewelry. Mrs Sotola began her banking relationship with Advans Nigeria in May 2013 and is currently in her third loan cycle.

Mrs Sotola says “I started my business with just NGN 10,000 (ca. € 45) selling perfume on the street. It wasn’t easy, but I fought to borrow money so that I could rent a shop. Before, I had to ask my friends for money, and it was sometimes problematic, but now; my stock is bigger and I have more clients. In fact, my shop is even too small now, and I am looking for larger premises. My Advans loan has enabled me to set up a new kind of business; with the profit I’ve made, I bought a house that I rent out to tenants."

Mrs Sotola continues; “When I travel with other sellers to renew our stock, they are surprised by the quantity of items I buy. They even ask me to lend them some money, but I recommend Advans as a reliable microfinance bank where you can trust the staff. The best recommendation I can give is by showing them the progress I have made.”

Mrs Thorng Phoeun, Client, Amret

Before, I never would have thought that I would be able to send both my sons to high school but now, thanks to Amret, I can

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Mrs Thorng Phoeun is a widow from Kompong Chhnang province.

Mrs Thorng Phoeun says; “I have borrowed money from Amret three times now. I took out my current loan, for 16,000 dollars (ca. EUR 11,600), in order to purchase palm sugar to be stored and sold during the rainy season. As selling palm sugar is a competitive business, I chose a new method of paying the village producers in advance in order to secure my supply of the product. In October I pay each family between 300,000 to 500,000 riels (ca. EUR 55 to EUR 90), then, when the villager starts to produce palm sugar at the beginning of January, I go to collect it from their houses and pay the outstanding fee."

"Before, when I had a small amount of capital, I could only collect 10 bags (with 120-130kg of sugar per bag) and transport them to be sold in Phnom Penh. However, now I have increased my capital thanks to Amret I can buy and store 7,000 to 8,000 kilos of sugar, then transport it to Phnom Penh, or have it collected, according to the client’s wishes. My success would not have been possible without a good deal of hard work or without the capital provided to me by Amret."