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Read below how financial services provided by Advans affiliates have helped our clients expand their businesses.

Mrs Yin Chantha, Client, Amret

Thanks to Amret’s mobile teller service, I can save easily from home!

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Mrs Yin Chantha is 40 years– old and lives in Prey Tear village, Chaom Chao commune in the Porsenchey district of Phnom Penh. She is a mother, with one son and two daughters.

She runs an embroidery business at her home while her husband works as a freelance photographer. Over the last few months, Mrs Yin Chantha has begun to save via Amret’s mobile teller service. “I was surprised and pleased to see Amret launching a door– step savings service. Before, due to my busy work schedule at home, I didn’t have the time to travel to the branch to make deposits” she commented.

She also added that thanks to the new service she will be able to save more money for her children’s higher education in the future. 

Mr Achile Valère Ayissi, Client, Advans Cameroun

With the help of Advans, I have been able to progressively extend my school project!

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Mr Ayissi is a primary school teacher who also acts as a teaching inspector. He first began his school project in 2006 when he opened a nursery school for children in Yaoundé. In 2012 when he was first approached by Advans, he had a primary school and nursery school as well as a training centre for teachers. At that time he had 12 classrooms, 267 students and 15 staff.

Since then he has used Advans loans to extend the school premises, building new classrooms and adding on a secondary school building. He was also one of the first clients to benefit from the REFFA project in 2015, and has received two loans worth a total amount of FCFA 32 million (ca. EUR 48.8k) to help him build the secondary school.

Today, with the help of Advans, he has 26 classrooms, 62 staff (14 administrative staff and 48 teachers) and 937 pupils at the school. He intends to maintain his partnership with Advans to carry on extending his school project in future.

Mr Muhammad Ikrham, Client, Advans Pakistan

Advans staff are cooperative and respectful, with good communication skills

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Muhammad Ikrham has ten years of experience in the scrap metal business. He became aware of Advans Pakistan in 2013 when he encountered the bank’s staff conducting prospecting activities and then visited a branch to get more information.

Muhammad was impressed with the good customer service he received at the bank and decided to apply for a micro loan of PKR 85,000 for ten months. At the time he had five employees and his business was worth PKR 400k (ca. EUR 3.4k) today he employs 14 staff and his business is worth PKR 1 million (ca. EUR 8.4k). He is currently in his fourth loan cycle with Advans Pakistan.

He describes Advans staff as cooperative and respectful, with good communication skills. Overall he is very pleased with the level of transparency and quality of services at the bank.

Mrs Adekunle Mary Omolola, Client, La Fayette MFB (Advans Nigeria)

I put the extra profits from my business into savings and I have now saved enough to build my own house

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Mrs Adekunle Mary Omolola sells consumables including rice, beans, garri and other food spices and she has one employee. Mrs Omolola was the first loan client at Advans Nigeria – La Fayette MFB’s  Challenge Branch when it opened in April 2014. She says “Since I got access to my first loan with Advans Nigeria, my business has grown tremendously. I have been able to consistently purchase stock for my shop and sell it to customers, which has enabled me to increase my profits. I put the extra profits into savings and I have now saved enough to build my own house. I have recommended Advans Nigeria – La Fayette MFB to my friends and some of them are currently on their second loan cycle. I am very happy with the service I have received so far from Advans Nigeria – La Fayette MFB.”

Mr Sofiane Ben Rabeh, Client, Advans Tunisie

I’m satisfied with Advans Tunisie’s microfinance services and would like another loan to further develop my business

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Mr Ben Rabeh is a very ambitious man. He started his career in the photography business when he was 17 years old and working as a seasonal employee with his uncle during the summer holidays. He then decided to start his own business so he purchased a small shop and converted it into a photography store.

Ten years later, he expanded the business by opening a photo laboratory. He used his own financial resources but experienced some difficulties in developing the business. One day, when he was talking about his problems, one of his clients spoke to him about Advans Tunisie. He went with his client to the Advans branch in Ariana and made a loan application. 15 days later, he received approval for a loan of TND 20k (ca. EUR 8k) which enabled him to purchase new machines for his lab.

Mr Ben Rebah said that he was satisfied with Advans Tunisie’s microfinance services and confirmed he was looking to renew his credit to further extend his shop and laboratory.