Our Values

All Advans microfinance institutions share the core values of

Catering for the client’s needs through:

  • Offering a simple and effective range of financial services (loans, savings, money transfers, etc.)
  • Being open to everyone that runs a revenue-generating activity, especially micro entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Providing transparent information
  • Focusing on quality service and client satisfaction

Promoting staff development by:

  • Placing a strong emphasis on internal and external training
  • Favouring proximity management and teamwork across the network
  • Setting up performance-based incentives and opportunities for career progression
  • Promoting innovation and a stimulating professional environment

Employing the latest technology and ideas in:

  • Defining and implementing common methods and tools for the whole Advans network
  • Developing innovative solutions and introducing new services such as mobile banking and ATM services

Encouraging sustainable development via:

  • Monitoring social and environmental impact using a Social and Environmental Management System
  • Raising staff awareness of environmental and social issues
  • Targeting self-sufficiency: every Advans institution aims to achieve financial sustainability after the first initial years of investment, allowing them to expand their outreach and influence in the long term

Maintaining integrity through:

  • Supporting transparent policies in order to tackle corruption of any kind
  • Implementing AML-CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) policies to prevent affiliates from financing illegal activities