Advans has brought together a strong management team who share Advans values and are committed to ensuring the successful operation of the Advans group.

Senior Management

Steven Duchatelle, CEO of Advans International

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Steven Duchatelle is Chief Executive Officer of Advans International. Steven acts as Chairman of the Board for Advans Cameroun, Advans Banque Congo, Advans Nigeria and sits on the Board of Advans Pakistan. Since he joined Advans International in 2001, Steven has carried out numerous consulting assignments, mostly in Africa, on the following subjects in particular: technical audits of Microfinance Institutions, evaluation of programs and microfinance policies and feasibility studies for the creation of new institutions. Since 2004, Steven has primarily focused on the creation and development of the Advans network and the supervision of Advans greenfield institutions, Chief Investment Officer in 2006 then Chief Operations Officer in 2011, becoming deputy CEO in June 2012, then CEO in July 2016. Prior to joining Advans, Steven worked in audit and financial services in France and China.

Amanda Hannan, Deputy CEO of Advans International and Chief Investment Officer

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Amanda Hannan is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Advans International. She is also Chief Investment Officer and oversees the Finance Department. Amanda is Chairman of the Board for Advans Ghana and  Advans Côte d’Ivoire and sits on the Board of Advans Pakistan. As Chief Investment Officer, Amanda oversees the performance of the Advans network and accompanies affiliates in legal, governance and financing matters. She is also responsible for managing all group equity investments and divestments and reporting to the Board of Directors and shareholders of Advans SA. Since she joined Advans International in 2006, she has handled all aspects of creating greenfield microfinance institutions, namely conducting feasibility studies, devising business plans and financial forecasts, negotiating with co-shareholders, and submitting license applications. Prior to joining Advans, Amanda worked in corporate finance advisory services in London and Paris.

Management Committee

Isabelle Montfort, Chief Financial Officer, Advans International

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Isabelle Montfort is Chief Finance Officer and sits on the Board of Directors of Advans Myanmar. As Chief Finance Officer at Advans International, Isabelle is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the finance departments of all affiliates as well as the production of the budgets and financial statements of Advans International and Advans SA. During her first five years at Advans International (from 2001 to 2006) Isabelle carried out short-term assignments such as conducting evaluations, devising business plans, effecting feasibility studies, and providing support for IT implementation and management. She was subsequently assigned to Advans Ghana as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from 2006 to 2009, and to Advans Bank Tanzania as CFO and interim CEO (2010-2012). Prior to joining Advans, Isabelle spent five years as Change Management Consultant at Accenture.

Marie Krugler, Chief Human Resources Officer, Advans International

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Marie Krugler has been Chief Human Resources Officer at Advans International since 2011, she also sits on the Board of Directors of Advans Cameroun. In her role as Chief HR Officer Marie is responsible for designing and implementing the HR management framework for Advans affiliates as well as for Advans International. Marie’s role is to ensure a high standard of professionalism in human resources management across the network and the application of Advans core values with regards to staff. The aim is to implement a HR strategy that accompanies the group’s development in the long term. Marie has over 14 years’ experience in human resources management; prior to joining Advans she acted as a general HR manager and HR project manager at international organizations in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. She also worked on strategic development projects in HR organisation, transformation projects, and jobs and skills management.

David Paulson, Head of Audit and Head of Risk, Advans International

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David Paulson is Head of the Group Audit and Risk Units at Advans International. David is responsible for overseeing the development and upkeep of the Advans Internal Audit Model, working with affiliate Audit Committees to provide direct supervision of the local internal audit function. On the risk side, he is responsible for the implementation and development of the Advans group Risk Framework, providing technical assistance to the risk teams in Advans affiliates on risk management practices addressing credit risk, operational risk and compliance. David also reports to the Advans S.A. Audit and Risk Committee regarding affiliate audit and risk activities and risks at the group level. With 15-years’ experience in risk management, internal control and audit in public accounting, David gained valuable field experience in Mali in the Peace Corps, in Cambodia and Laos strengthening the accounting and internal control systems of an NGO.

Olivier Bailly-Béchet, Head of Credit, Advans International

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Olivier Bailly-Bechet is Head of the Credit Unit at Advans International and sits on the Board of Directors for Advans Pakistan. As Head of Credit, Olivier supports the affiliates of the network in the expansion of their lending activities and the achievement of objectives; he is also responsible for ensuring the development and implementation of the Advans Model for all stages of the credit process. Olivier has acquired a strong working knowledge of microfinance operations, notably with regard to defining products and credit methodologies, defining and implementing policies and procedures, planning, training, network development and management, and sales team management. Since joining Advans in 2003, Olivier has had several field-based positions, acting as CEO of Finadev Chad, then Chief Opertating Officer/Deputy CEO at Advans Cameroun and at Advans Côte d'Ivoire. During this time he also had periods as Operations Officer at the Advans head office. Prior to joining Advans, Olivier worked in microfinance and financial inclusion in France and Côte d’Ivoire.

Estelle Darie-Rousseaux, Head of Financial Services & Rural Outreach, Advans International

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Estelle Darie-Rousseaux is Head of the Financial Services and Rural Outreach Unit at Advans International. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Advans Banque Congo. As Head of Financial Services and Rural Outreach, Estelle is responsible for aiding Advans affiliates to reach their deposit objectives and overseeing all projects focusing on delivery channels, financial services and rural services and outreach, including lending. She has in-depth knowledge of agriculture in developing countries, as well as of markets and distribution systems for financial services. An agroeconomist specialized in development and microfinance Estelle joined Advans more than ten years ago and has carried out various assignments in the finance and agricultural sectors in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. During her time at Advans, Estelle also acted as Chief Operating Officer for Advans Ghana for 18 months and for Advans Bank Tanzania for 12 months. Prior to joining Advans, Estelle worked in agricultural development in the French West Indies.