Read below how our female staff and clients from across the network are proud to grow with Advans: 


I strive every day to grow my business because I want to give my children a better life and be an independent woman again. Advans Ghana has helped me to grow my business and work towards this goal through their loans and other financial services they offer. Thanks to my increased working capital I can now import goods to sell directly from China. I appreciate Advans Ghana’s services because staff are friendly and the customer service is great, especially the E-cash collection service. I would advise every woman entrepreneur out there to be serious about their business and to be determined no matter how big or small their business is!

Deborah Amoah, Trader/Baker, Advans Ghana

My proudest moment was expanding my business thanks an Advans loan: I had been working as a tailor from home for a long time and wanted to grow my business. With my loan I was able to buy fashionable materials directly to make clothes for clients and my profitability has since grown significantly. I like working with my female clients because I can make them clothes which suit them, I have gained their confidence and give them advice. This makes me proud and makes me strive even harder for the benefit of my family. I would say to other women, if you have a skill do not waste it! You can gain respect, satisfaction and contribute to your family’s growth.

Shehnaz Begum, Tailor, Advans Pakistan

My bold moment was when I decided to approach Advans to get much needed funds to boost my business which sells baby products. The desire to grow my business and meet my clients demand motivated me to contact Advans. Now I have more customers, I have expanded and ventured into a new business stream. Advans support has helped me to grow and elevate my status. Women who have a good business initiative should plan and approach Advans, I am sure they will get the support to make a change in their lives and business.

Salami Oluwabukola, Baby Products Trader, Advans Nigeria


My biggest achievement at Advans has been setting up nine financial institutions from scratch and seeing them grow on a daily basis. Knowing that the work I do has a positive impact on the lives of others is a great source of motivation for me. It has made me realise that when you combine your personal beliefs with your career choices it leads to a much more satisfying life. It also gave me the wonderful experience of discovering Africa - a continent I had never visited before. Taking a decision to change career is a big step - you need to weigh up the pros and cons of such a move. However, not for one second have I ever regretted the move to Advans. Having a job that I believe in makes it easier to get out of bed on cold, wet winter mornings!

Amanda Hannan, Deputy CEO
Advans Group 

My bold moment was when I won the best customer service staff member at my branch because I was able to grow my deposit portfolio consistently for 6 months. What motivates me every day is putting a smile on each client’s face, especially mothers who are struggling so hard to make ends meet in financing their child's education. At Advans I feel like I belong to one big family. I have been able to build my confidence and further my training. I always wanted to work for a young company so as to build my experience and use my expertise. My advice is that with determination and hard work there is no height a woman cannot reach!

Margaret Mary Hinson, Customer Service Officer, Advans Ghana

I like to reflect on the fact that Advans is a group which is committed to the development of countries with several different issues at stake, a group which is designed to integrate and train people who want to build their capacities and contribute to the success of the company and a group which seeks to innovate so as to respond to its clients’ needs. Over the last five years, I’ve been lucky to be able to see staff develop and grow, to appreciate that their professional development enables them to better support our different institutions in the challenges that they face. To work at Advans, or rather with Advans, is to accept and to believe in our mission and vision, it is to work towards goals with strong human and ethical grounds. For women looking to change their career or lives for the better I would say: keep striving for your goals and believe in your own capacity to make change happen!

Marie Krugler, Chief HR Officer, Advans Group

I think building a good relationship with clients is essential for business growth and that is what makes my job rewarding. Having good quality leadership and a challenging work environment enables me to push myself every day. Supporting female clients through listening to their needs enables us to better deliver information & services so that they can expand their at-home businesses. It’s good to see female empowerment and that women too can participate in the economic development of the country. I believe that if one woman out of millions decides to do something then she not only improves her own life, but she can have a positive impact on her family and on society as well.

Sobia Saeed, Branch Operations Manager, Advans Pakistan

I’m proud to have been able to contribute to the financial inclusion of cocoa farmers. Thanks to the development of credit and savings products and appropriate delivery channels, we have been able to support more than 25 000 farmers who were confronted with a significant barrier – being far from traditional banking services. I believe in Advans because of its mission to accelerate financial inclusion. Financial inclusion is the first step towards improving living conditions. For women especially, it is the chance for them to assert their independence and to develop their own personal or professional projects. Thanks to Advans, I’ve learnt to see the world through an entrepreneur’s eyes and behind every problem I see an opportunity! For women who are looking to change their life I would say that to succeed, you need to work hard and be committed to achieving your goal.

Anne Laure Asboth, Operations Officer, Financial Services and Rural Outreach, Advans Group

My bold moment was getting a new file done within 24 hours and it was approved. My growth within the bank has been very positive, I learn from my supervisors who support me, and I am always happy to go to work, I love my job! I have really grown with Advans, I started as a Client Officer and now I am an Outlet supervisor, which enables me to have a positive impact on clients lives. I especially like working with female clients. Advans has given me opportunities and I am on track to becoming a successful career woman. My advice is that women should believe in themselves, believe they can do it and find a place or a job where their dreams can unfold every day.

Abimbola Ogundipe, Outlet Supervisor, Advans Nigeria

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Staff from the network have got together to show that they are committed to improving womens lives through providing financial services in a responsible manner, and that they are proud to grow with Advans!