Advans Banque Congo

Through providing loan and deposit services to micro entrepreneurs Advans Banque Congo aims to encourage the growth of the MSME sector in the country

History and vision: Advans Banque Congo was incorporated in July 2008 and began operations in Kinshasa on 24 July 2009. A commercial bank, Advans Banque Congo principally aims to offer financial services tailored to the needs of MSMEs in DRC. The DRC has one of the lowest banking rates among in the world with only 3% of the population owning a bank account. In this context, MSMEs, which employ 95% of the population, have almost no access to basic formal financial services.

Network: Advans Banque Congo now has six branches in several different zones of Kinshasa with network expansion outside of the city planned in the next few years.

Services: The commercial bank offers a full selection of basic financial products including individual micro loans, group loans, SME loans, current and savings accounts and term deposits. Enjoying an outstanding reputation in the field of both microfinance and SME lending, Advans Banque Congo recently increased its credit ceiling to USD 200,000 so as to accompany its existing clients’ business growth.

I would recommend Advans to other microentrepreneurs because they offer easy and flexible access to credit.

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