Advans Tunisie

Advans Tunisie aims to become the financial partner of choice for Tunisian MSMEs

History and Mission: Advans Tunisie, established as a limited company received its licence to operate as a microfinance institution from the Finance Ministry in January 2015. The ninth affiliate of the Advans group, Advans Tunisie’s aim is to offer adapted credit services to Tunisian entrepreneurs who have previously lacked access to formal banking services. Advans Tunisie targets borrowers across all sectors of the economy: retailers and wholesalers, artisans, small industries, services and small-scale farmers, offering them a wide range of services to enable them to develop and expand their commercial activities.

Network: Advans Tunisie opened its first branch in Tunis in March 2015 and second and third branches in the capital in June and November 2015. In 2016 the MFI opened branches outside of Tunis in Sousse and Kairouan, and in 2017 expanded to Zaghouan, Béjà, Jendouba and Nabeul. 

Services: Advans Tunisie offers quality financial services tailored to its clients’ needs. Loans up to a maximum amount of 20 000 DT (ca. EUR 9,000) are available with no prior savings required and a wide and flexible range of guarantees. Advans Tunisie commits to responding quickly and transparently to all loan applications.