Amret’s mission is to provide a wide range of financial services suitable for the needs of a large majority of the rural population in Cambodia, including MSMEs and people with low incomes

History and vision: Amret, a leading micro-finance institution in Cambodia, began its microcredit activity in 1991 through a project run by a French NGO. Initially a village-banking operation Amret evolved from 1995 onwards towards a direct credit approach and in 2000 it transformed into a private limited company. Advans SA became a shareholder in 2006 and has gradually increased its participation to become the MFI’s lead shareholder. Amret endeavors to achieve a high level of financial and social performance and promote sustainable economic development.

Network: With over 150 points of sale Amret already has broad coverage of Cambodia’s territory.

Services: Amret has developed several kinds of credit products; loans on offer include individual and group loans, business loans, consumption loans and home improvement loans as well as specialised loans for agricultural activities (Agrifin) and Bio digester loans, which aim to reduce household fuel expenses and protect the environment. Since 2009, Amret has become a deposit-taking MFI and successfully implemented deposit solutions in USD and local currency. It also offers Inter Branch Money Transfers (local money transfers).

Before, I never would have thought that I would be able to send both of my sons to high school but now, thanks to Amret, I can.

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