About us

Advans is a leading international microfinance group established in 2005.

Our vision

To build a model group of financial institutions which contribute to strengthening local businesses, creating and sustaining jobs and improving clients’ living standards in order to foster private sector–led economic and social development in Africa, the Middle–East and Asia.

Our mission

Respond to the need for financial services of small businesses and other populations who have ill–adapted, limited or no access to formal financial services through providing tailored financial services in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our values

Open to all.

We believe that everyone should be given a chance. We open our doors to those who are insufficiently served by the traditional financial sector, offering them tailored, simple and easy to access financial services to reach their goals. We give opportunities to our staff based on their merit and without discrimination.

Committed to having a positive and lasting impact.

We ensure that our services are of a high quality, delivered to clients in a responsible and professional manner. We work to build a better future for our clients and staff, and in general for the communities in which we operate. 


Entrepreneurial in what we do.

We encourage entrepreneurial spirit in our clients and staff. We support their determination to succeed, their ability to transform obstacles into opportunities, to push the boundaries and to take initiatives, both individually and as a team.

Innovative in our approach.

We focus on developing our collective creative capacities so that we can respond efficiently to our clients’ needs and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face in fulfilling our mission. We evaluate, test and adapt our solutions so that they remain client centric.

Our social goals

Have a positive impact on clients' revenues and savings through supporting their activities and building their financial stability

Reach out to underserved populations with appropriate products and channels

Provide clients with quality services in a transparent, respectful and conscientious manner

Create a fair, healthy and dynamic working environment for our staff

Be accountable and build awareness of social and environmental issues amongst employees and clients

Key Events

  • 2005
    Creation of Advans SA SICAR, a Luxembourg investment company, with 6 DFI shareholders
  • 2006
    Advans SA becomes a shareholder in Amret, Cambodia
  • 2007
    Advans Cameroun, Advans first greenfield, begins operations in Douala, Cameroun
  • 2009
    Advans S.A SICAR obtains the LuxFLAG Microfinance Label
  • 2010
    Completion of Advans second round of fundraising
  • 2013
    Advans Pakistan, our first Asian greenfield, opens in January
  • 2014
    Advans completes its third round of fundraising and serves over 500,000 clients across Africa and Asia
  • 2015
    Advans becomes majority shareholder in Amret, Cambodia
  • 2016
    Advans SA buys out Advans International and the staff investment vehicle Advans Invest is created
  • 2017
    Launch of operations of Advans Myanmar, with Amret as minority shareholder and technical partner

Steven Duchatelle

Message from the CEO

Over the next few years, we will focus on harnessing the full potential of our affiliates, to position each of them as the preferred financial partner of small businesses. We have identified 5 key strategic pillars to support this ambition: (i) finalise our transformation into client-centric institutions, (ii) broaden our agrifinance offer, (iii) develop products to answer the personal finance needs of our small business clients and their families, in particular education and housing, (iv) deploy alternative delivery channels to offer proximity and convenience to our clients, (v) digitalise our processes and products, to improve efficiency and client experience. Thanks to these innovations, and with a reinforced brand identity, we can continue to grow together with our clients.

Our shareholders

Advans SA's shareholding structure combines the expertise of Advans International with the financial solidity of six Development Finance Institutions. These organisations have for many years been pivotal to the development of the microfinance sector.