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Our commitment

Advans upholds high and progressive HR standards, building a fair working environment based on equal opportunity, fair remuneration, social protection and open communication. We focus on the professional development of employees through providing adapted training and opportunities for career progression based on merit as well as offering assignments across different affiliates.

Advans could be the company for you if...

You believe in microfinance as an important motor for social and economic development

You want to work in an international environment with a focus on developing countries

You like challenges and enjoy working in a team

You are looking to build your skills and learn new things, with long term career perspectives

You are interested in short and long term opportunities for mobility

A career in the Advans Group

The Advans Group is committed to its valued staff, and has created a positive and stimulating working environment founded on:

  • Equal opportunity: promoting equal opportunities for employment and career development, without discrimination of any kind.
  • Fair remuneration: offering fair and competitive pay schemes in line with the economic environment, and benefits including social protection and retirement policies in order to motivate and reward staff.
  • Communication: facilitating and promoting internal communication and transparent management within affiliates and throughout the group; encouraging the sharing of information, dialogue and innovation, and creating a pleasant working environment.
  • Training and exchange: promoting the personal and professional development of employees and interns by providing training opportunities within the institution and exchanges within the Advans network.
  • Mobility: offering opportunities for career progression within the group and favoring internal promotion. Advans affiliate staff have the chance to take part in exchanges with other institutions in the network through taking on temporary roles in other institutions.
  • Protection and awareness: identifying any security or health issues linked to activities and adopting appropriate measures to protect staff; raising awareness among employees of key health or environmental concerns.

The Advans Training Centre

The Advans Training Centre (ATC) was created and launched in 2016. It aims to professionalise training and training units in the group as a whole, providing tailored training modules and structured training programmes for the network. This includes operational coaching on project management and development of innovative products and channels as well as the implementation of digital learning solutions. The ATC also aims to harness the potential of senior managers in the network through creating and implementing a group talent management policy to improve general knowledge and the managerial abilities of gifted staff.  





What our staff say

Jana Kadian, CEO, Advans Myanmar

Starting a greenfield microfinance institution with the Advans Group in Myanmar has been a unique opportunity and both an exciting and humbling experience.

My efforts help to create opportunities for people to improve their lives. That is the case both for customers, who gain access to fair financial services, as well as staff, who can build valuable, long-term careers with an institution in which they can take pride, Advans Myanmar.

Vahid Najafzadeh, COO, Advans Pakistan

Advans gives me the freedom to use my skills and experience to their full potential, and to me, that is the biggest value of this company.

At Advans Pakistan, we like to brainstorm about what we need to enhance in order to make our products and services more interesting for staff to sell and for clients to sign up to. My goal is to contribute to building a strong and sustainable bank so that people working here can feel proud of being a part of it.

Marie Pierre N'Guessan, Head of HR, Advans Côte d'Ivoire

My goal is to help Advans CI teams become exemplary models in their respective fields, both at group level and in our industry.

During my time at Advans CI I have been given an increasing amount of responsibility, I have had the opportunity to manage more staff, benefit from the Group's technical support on various HR topics and have periodic exchanges with teams from other affiliates! My goal is to help Advans CI teams become exemplary models in their respective fields, both at group level and in our industry. In addition, I want to boost the level of commitment of our staff, their motivation and the pride of belonging to Advans!

Matthias Bénédic, Operations Officer, Advans International

I started at Advans as a trainee right out of school. The different opportunities to work in the affiliates (Nigeria, Cambodia, and Ghana) have built up my experience.

I chose to work in microfinance because I am convinced of the positive impact that this activity can have on the lives of clients. It is important to me that my work is not limited to the economic sphere but also has a social purpose. In implementing its vision and mission, I think that Advans contributes to the development of its customers, and more generally to the development of countries in which the group operates. Recent work on social performance is another step in this direction.