Advans Ghana launches the new Advans brand

Advans Ghana launched the new Advans brand identity and logo on 24 July 2018 with a launch event in its newly rebranded Newtown branch in Accra. The event was attended by senior representatives of regulatory bodies, Advans Ghana Board Members and shareholders and representatives from the Advans Group. Traditional and religious authorities, representatives of the larger financial sector, the media and Advans Ghana’s clients were also present. The launch of the new brand, which will carry on throughout the year with the rebranding of Advans Ghana’s branch network, confirms Advans Ghana’s continued commitment to serving small businesses and other populations with professional and responsible financial services.

Talking about the new brand at the event, Olivier Bailly-Béchet, from the Advans Group, said, “This new identity signals our sense of innovation and openness to change and most importantly, our journey with our clients towards building their future success. Ghana has tremendous promise and potential and we will continue to play a strong role in the efforts of the overall financial sector to realise this potential. ”

Ben Berko, Board member and Chairman of the event congratulated Advans Ghana’s management for the sustainable performance of the institution and its efforts to innovate in terms of its product and service offerings. He went on to speak of how the company has been able to harness new technologies and build strong human resources since its inception in 2008. Going forward, he encouraged the Savings and Loans company to leverage on the new brand and its strong international backing to continue to increase its outreach and impact on small businesses in Ghana.

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