Advans Myanmar promotes environmentally friendly habits

On 1 September 2018, Advans Myanmar teamed up with Trash Hero Mandalay to launch a knowledge sharing & clean up event in the historic Atumashi Monastery. The event aimed to raise staff awareness on how to protect the environment and promote environmentally friendly habits with a special focus on plastics.

Staff that attended the event committed to practice the “3Rs” of Reduce, Re-use and Refuse plastics. Some staff decided to buy their own reusable water bottles and food containers to reduce the use of plastic bags and bottles for food and drink. All staff were also trained on how to separate different types of rubbish by recyclable grade, and requested help from the logistic team to implement this at Advans Myanmar.

Staff were so motivated that they have since decided to have an eco-friendly competition between the branches. Trash Hero Mandalay and Thant Myanmar are supporting Advans Myanmar in the process to become more environmentally friendly in its practices. Trash Hero Mandalay holds similar events every 2 weeks, and Advans Myanmar staff are encouraged to join the events whenever they are available.


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