Advans Pakistan opens a new branch in Khairpur

Advans Pakistan continues to expand its footprint in Sindh, Pakistan’s second-largest province by population, with the latest opening of its new branch in Khairpur, a city of over 120,000 people.

The launch event was attended by senior representatives of the local government of Khairpur, regulatory bodies and the microfinance sector, as well as Advans Pakistan customers and the media.

Speaking at the opening ceremony Guillaume Valence, Advans Pakistan’s CEO, said that “the launch of Khairpur branch is specifically geared at meeting the fast-growing demand of financial services in the region. We believe that the growth of small entrepreneurs is the engine for sustainable economic and social development in Pakistan. With our motto of Growing together, we aim to offer quality customer experience, client centric services and products that are adapted to the financial needs of our clients.”

Advans Pakistan was serving more than 38,000 clients with a total loan portfolio of almost €10 million at end August 2021.