What we do

Advans offers a wide range of simple and easy to access financial services tailored to clients’ needs.

Our products and services

From micro loans to SME loans, to current accounts, savings plans, insurance, transfers and much more, Advans aims to offer small businesses and other clients that have ill–adapted, limited or no access to formal financial services products to help them grow their businesses and achieve their professional or personal goals. Advans affiliates constantly update the range of financial services on offer to ensure that clients always find the products they need. 

Our lending methodology

Our lending methodology for SME and micro loans is based on cash flow analysis. We look at the income and expenses of each client, and ensure that the loan we are offering fits the client’s needs and can easily be repaid. Advans client officers visit the homes and businesses of each new customer, and carry out systematic checks on clients’ financial history to assess their repayment capacity. We do not ask for any prior savings from the customer.

Client centricity

Advans believes that it is very important to respond to the evolving wants and needs of our target clients. This means ensuring that a client-centric culture is embedded at all levels of our organisation, from management to commercial level. Amongst other things, this entails identifying the key points of the customer journey, strengthening our approach to listening to client feedback to improve our products and services, better understanding the drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty, and tailoring our products and services to the specific needs of each segment.

Accessible financial services trusted by clients across the globe







We are currently focusing on the digitalisation of our products, processes and procedures to increase efficiency and outreach and better understand and respond to client needs in fast developing markets. The introduction of a new Core Banking System will speed up our development on four key strategic levels:

  • Digitalisation of the loan process will help Advans to increase its output and improve loan control and follow up.
  • Digital credit scoring will enable Advans affiliates to optimise their operational expenses on micro client segments, reduce cost of risk and encourage clients to save regularly.
  • Developing business intelligence systems will allow us to use data to improve our client knowledge, reporting and analysis of productivity.
  • Alternative (including digital) delivery channels  such as self-service applications, Advans agents and mobile tellers, third party distribution networks and different means of payment will enable Advans to increase our proximity to our clients, target new areas and client populations, boosting uptake and use of our financial services.

Rural expansion

Now that Advans affiliates have built a strong structure and have reached financial stability in urban centres, they are focusing on scaling up their activities and increasing their outreach in semi-rural and rural areas where there is high potential for growth and impact. So as to serve clients in these areas in a sustainable and responsible manner, Advans aims to:

  • Develop tailored credit and deposit products for farmers and other clients in their value chains, together with suitable risk mitigation methodology;
  • Address the needs of rural families through providing tailored deposit products, insurance and training; and
  • Introduce innovative, appropriate delivery channels (including digital solutions and agent networks) to serve rural clients in remote areas, where access to traditional banking systems is often limited and costly.




Education & Housing

As part of its strategy to diversify its credit offer to better respond to clients’personal needs, Advans has chosen two key areas to focus on: education and housing. Advans sees education as one of the main contributors to economic and social development and housing as very important to guaranteeing decent living conditions. Some of Advans affiliates have begun to develop education finance in the past few years, with support from the group and external partners. Tailored products have been created for i) school establishments, with financing for infrastructure investments and also through short term treasury loans or overdraft products; and ii) parents, to support them in the payment of school fees through either dedicated loan products or savings plans. In terms of housing, the group will adapt its strategy according to local contexts: solutions may vary depending on regulation, players in the sector, cultural habits, etc. The group and several Advans’ affiliates are currently involved in discussing potential partnerships with organisations in the housing or construction sector.  Advans will capitalise on these first experiences to build its group expertise on these specific products.