Our team

Advans has brought together strong teams who share Advans values.

Advans SA, Board of Directors

Advans SA's Board of Directors is chiefly responsible for the overall management of Advans SA in accordance with the company's statutes and Luxembourg law. The Board is made up of qualified senior professionals with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of financial services. Advans SA has also created committees to support the Board of Directors, the Audit and Risk Committee, and the HR and Governance Committee, a Social Performance Champion has also been nominated on the Board.

Advans International Management

Advans Group support services are based at Advans International in Paris. At Advans International level we have created strong group departments and business lines to guide and back affiliates’ development. Advans International supports, oversees and sets standards for the group providing guidance, resources and expertise.

Affiliates Management

Advans affiliates have strong management teams made up of experienced professionals to boost their development.