Our impact

Advans provides tailored financial services in a responsible manner.

A clear social mission

Advans is committed to monitoring its social performance to ensure that our operations help our clients to grow and create a positive impact on economic and social development in our markets. We believe that in continually trying to improve our social performance practices, we can ensure that we remain a responsible player. So as to put our mission into practice, Advans has defined clear social goals for our operations with clients. 

Our social goals

Have a positive impact on clients' revenues and savings 

Reach out to underserved populations

Provide clients with quality services

Be accountable and build awareness of social and environmental issues 

What our clients say

Ifeanyi Osuoha, Advans Nigeria

Being able to save money without visiting the bank has been life changing!

I am the owner of a company called Omega Enterprises which sells fabrics. I was referred to Advans by a colleague. The monthly repayment structure is what attracted me to Advans. The mobile teller service has really helped me to save and to direct my finances towards specific projects. Through the support from Advans, I have been able to stabilise and grow my business and the profits made have helped take care of my family’s needs. Now we can plan for the future knowing that there is financial support for my business from Advans when we need it.

Ay Ay Mon, Advans Myanmar

I felt so welcomed at Advans, staff make everything easy to understand and are always available.

I have a weaving business and also sell watermelons. What played a decisive role in me joining Advans was the excellent customer service, although I also chose Advans because they had cheaper fees than the other institutions I used to borrow with, and the low monthly interest enabled me to invest more in my business and now it is growing faster than before! Now, I have the habit of saving up to either repay my loan or plan for unexpected situations. I dream of expanding my weaving business with two more machines and renovate my backyard, and I firmly believe I can reach this goal with my next loan cycle with Advans!

S. K. Sarkodie, Advans Ghana

I take care of so many people in my family, the impact of Advans on my business has helped my entire household

I have a business which sells hardware, building materials, general goods and I have two permanent employees. I came upon Advans simply because they opened a branch in front of my shop! I was thinking of coming to secure a loan in order to deal with some financial issues my business was facing in 2014, but it was actually a friend who made the decision to come to Advans easier.  He spoke so well of Advans, that I was easily convinced!

Adonis Tshibangu Beya, Advans Banque Congo

I started at Advans in 2016 with a loan of 1500 USD and I currently hold a credit of more than double the original loan! I was able to increase my turnover and I now own two restaurants!

I run a restaurant called La Betani and have 5 employees. Today, I sell more and earn enough money to live in decent conditions. My house is finally built, and my children are getting an education in good schools. Becoming a homeowner was my main goal because it allows me to save in terms of rent and to invest more in the well-being of my family. Today, I can put enough money aside for my kids to allow them to study abroad when the time comes.