Advans Tunisie partners with USAID Tunisia Jobs to support Tunisian small businesses

Aiming to best accompany Covid-impacted clients, Advans Tunisie, in partnership with The United States International Development Agency (USAID) and Baobab Tunisie, will provide financing to more than 13,000 Tunisian micro and small enterprises and women-owned businesses in underserved regions across Tunisia.

The partnership will mobilize US$31.5 million in financing for the benefit of 13,200 micro and small businesses throughout Tunisia.  Advans and Baobab will provide the equivalent of US$28.5 million in working capital loans, while USAID Tunisia JOBS will contribute US$3 million in grants. The loans and grants will help micro and small businesses sustain about 17,300 jobs.

Read the full Press Release here.