Advans: Building our clients’ future success with a stronger brand

Growing together. With over ten years in operation and a wealth of knowledge in providing financial services, Advans is a leading international microfinance group, and a brand which is still growing and evolving in many ways. We are growing in terms of our geographic presence, with 9 countries in our network and increased coverage in our markets. We are growing along with our 750,000 clients, introducing client centric services, products and channels to ensure that we continually adapt to their everyday financial needs, be they professional or personal. We are growing in terms of innovation and technology, with new practices and the digitalisation of our services and processes, to improve our efficiency and outreach. We are also growing along with our 6,400 staff, who strive to provide our clients with a quality customer experience. And all this while keeping focused on our core mission: providing small businesses with tailored financial services in a sustainable and responsible manner.

To show how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go, Advans has created a new logo which reflects our maturity and commitment, our sense of innovation and openness to change and most importantly, our journey with our clients towards building their future success.