Advans holds its 2017 group seminar on the theme of innovation

What is innovation and how can Advans use it to improve our operations? This was the theme chosen for Advans 2017 Group Seminar, which took place in Chantilly, France and brought together 80 staff members from across affiliates. So as to put the theme of innovation at the heart of the seminar, workshops were based on collective creative thinking, idea sharing and discussion so that staff could think both imaginatively and practically about the future of Advans. The seminar included an inspiring introduction from CEO Steven Duchatelle on Advans and Innovation, a key note speech from David Kruijff from the Fintech company First Access and a workshop on leadership led by staff from Advans International, Advans Ghana and Advans Côte d’Ivoire. There was also a presentation and workshop on the new Advans brand to be launched in 2018 and a session where staff were asked to imagine ‘What will Advans be in 2030?’. Finally, staff were able to get to know each other better through team building activities at the Chateau de Chantilly and at the seminar itself.