Advans Myanmar hits 10,000 borrowers

In April 2018, Advans Myanmar hit the 10,000 borrowers mark after just one year in operations!

Advans Myanmar is the Advans Group’s ninth greenfield institution and launched its operations in Mandalay (north of Myanmar) in April 2017. It has since opened 5 branches in the Mandalay region and now employs 140 staff. Advans Myanmar offers a small group loan and an individual loan, targeted mostly at micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, and also salaried workers who have small business or production activities, in urban areas.

The MFI launched a village banking loan in February 2018, based on Amret’s successful experience in Cambodia, to serve clients in rural areas. Rural clients targeted will be farmers, traders and service providers living in the villages. The village banking offer is expected to be largely deployed during 2018.

An MFI with a successful first year of operations and a bright future ahead, Advans Myanmar aims to accelerate financial inclusion in its areas of operation and help to create long term social and economic growth in Myanmar.