Advans reaffirms its commitment to Client Protection

Advans has recently reaffirmed its commitment to protecting its clients and promoting responsible financial inclusion practices by pledging to implement the new Client Protection Standards as part of the Client Protection Pathway.

These essential practices in consumer protection aim to ensure products are designed in line with client needs, that clients are given the information and tools to make informed decisions as well as guaranteeing that they receive fair and respectful treatment free from discrimination of any kind.

We, at Advans Group, already implement several of the Client Protection Standards and will be looking to reassess practices in each of our subsidiaries and identify any gaps. Advans will then reinforce policies, processes, and training to ensure that all of our subsidiaries continue to deliver services responsibly to clients and pursue excellence in terms of client protection.

In the current global context, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising effects of climate change, our MSME clients are increasingly vulnerable to shocks and unforeseen events. Focusing on reinforcing our client protection practices is therefore even more relevant at this time so that we remain focused on helping to build client resilience and having a positive social impact.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing Advans take on the Client Protection Standards and how we implement them in our subsidiaries.