Client stories: 11 years with Advans, Angel Obedience, Ghana

Angel Obedience became an Advans client back in 2008 and has significantly grown his business, the Angel Bakery, since.

Please tell us about your business…

I have a baking business where I employ 10 people. I sell my bread directly from the factory where I bake it to people in the community as well as to other food vendors in the suburbs of Accra. I use a van for deliveries far from my factory.

I started my business with GHS 30 (€5) borrowed from my grandmother. At the beginning, I baked from grandfather’s house. My brothers helped me to sell the loaves and I used a bicycle for deliveries. I had to collect and use all the money from the bread that was sold in the morning and rush to buy some other ingredients for the evening baking. That is how I was able to grow my business over time. Today I buy 1,000 bags of flour every month and I am able to produce 1,700 loaves of bread every day.

How did you come to know Advans?

I live just opposite the New Town Branch so I saw the branch opening. One day, I decided to enquire about the possibility of receiving a loan of GHS 2,000 (€332). That was in 2008. My current loan is for GHS 120,000 (€20,000)!

How have your business and personal life developed and how has Advans been a part of it?

I was able to purchase more stocks with the first loan that I received. I have had 9 loans with Advans so far, which I mostly used to buy new baking equipment as well as a new delivery van. Thanks to Advans support I have been able to hire more workers and reach more customers. I have seen a lot of positive effects on my professional and personal life. My business will soon be relocated to a larger space but I am planning to build in the future so that I don’t need to pay rent. I have also acquired land on which I would like to build my future house.

Which Advans services do you like the most?

What I like the most about Advans is that it is easy and fast to get a loan, that is why I recommended Advans services to some of my friends and to my employees who have then become Advans clients. I also appreciate the Mobibank service and I am looking forward to seeing it develop more. Today Advans has more branches, more employees and the quality of services in banking halls has improved as well. What I would like in the future is to get more support to finance the development of my new business site.

What is your biggest achievement? And what are you plans for the future?

For me being able to grow my business over the years and increasing the number of customers and employees I have is my main achievement. I would like to continue developing my current activity and also diversify into others like vehicle rental. My aim is to have a better standard of living for myself and my family.