Revolutionizing the Motorcycle Taxi Industry in Cameroon

Revolutionizing the Motorcycle Taxi Industry in Cameroon


In the bustling streets of Cameroon, motorcycle taxis encounter significant challenges, especially concerning the safety and social protection of their riders. Aware of these critical issues, ADVANS CAMEROUN, a major player in microfinance, collaborates with COVA CAMEROUN to establish an innovative solution, combining improved access to financing with tailored insurance coverage.

This strategic partnership aims to provide an integrated response to the pressing needs of motorcycle taxi drivers in Cameroon. Mamie Kalonda, General Manager of ADVANS Cameroon, passionately expresses, "This union perfectly aligns with our GO FOR SMALL strategy, embodying our commitment to support the most modest actors in our society." Meanwhile, Virginie POUNA, CEO of COVA, shares, "At COVA, our mission revolves around creating offers tailored to local realities. Motorcycle riders are our everyday superheroes, and it was evident for us to participate in this innovative program."

At the core of this collaboration lies a seamless integration between COVA CAMEROUN's insurance offering and ADVANS CAMEROUN's motorcycle credit. This union goes beyond mere commercial agreements; it embodies a profound commitment, mutual guarantees, and a shared desire to improve the daily lives of these essential players in the Cameroonian urban landscape.

COVA CAMEROUN's commitment to insuring the risks faced by its clients and honoring its commitments according to the signed agreement aligns with ADVANS CAMEROUN's promise to integrate compulsory insurances, present optional offers, and ensure rigorous product monitoring. This alliance aims to address current needs while anticipating potential disruptions, embodying a proactive and responsible approach.

This union isn't just the result of a commercial strategy but also reflects a broader vision of social responsibility and community engagement. By uniting in this way, ADVANS CAMEROUN and COVA CAMEROUN reaffirm their determination to innovate and support the motorcycle taxi community, offering a comprehensive approach that combines financing and protection.

Signing of an Agreement to Facilitate Preferred Access to Quality Motorcycles and Tricycles

While ADVANS Cameroon forges strategic partnerships, another alliance emerges, this time with BUSINESS LINK INTERNATIONAL SA, KENSON Motors, and the Cameroonian Federation of Motorcycle Taxi Cooperatives (FECACOMOTTAX). Together, these entities have signed a tripartite agreement aiming to facilitate FECACOMOTTAX members' access to quality motorcycles and tricycles, addressing a crucial need in this sector.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a diverse range of motorcycles and tricycles from prestigious brands offered by these dealers, coupled with a 7-month/7700 kilometers warranty on the engine block. Additionally, the presence of efficient after-sales service, provided by experienced technicians in every city within the ADVANS network, promises prompt resolution of encountered issues.

This alliance surpasses mere vehicle acquisition; it aims to facilitate access to financing through advantageous conditions offered to FECACOMOTTAX members by ADVANS. This joint initiative, characterized by agreements and solemn promises, is rooted in a long-term vision where mobility aligns with concrete opportunities for FECACOMOTTAX members.

Through these innovative partnerships and committed initiatives, ADVANS CAMEROUN demonstrates its determination to redefine the contours of the financial sector, emphasizing its social responsibility and active role in the sustainable development of Cameroonian communities.